RO Membrane Disinfectant Biocide

We Innova Corporate (India), are manufacturer and supplier of RO Membrane Disinfectant Biocide, The RO Membrane Disinfectant Biocide, which is ideally used for eliminating biofouling and biofilms in the membrane of RO. The products which we cater under RO Membrane Disinfectant Biocide are RO Disinfectant, Membrane Biocide, Ro Antifoulant, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Disinfectant, Peracetic acid based RO Disinfectant, Drinking water Disinfectant etc. Continuous usage of reverse osmosis results into productivity reduction, increase power consumption, reduce flow rate and lower output quality. We formulate this biocide is non-oxidizing biocide that effectively responds against micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi. High application rate, excellent protection from scale, improvise the RO performance, improvise the quality and precise pH value are the salient features of disinfectant biocide. With the application of this formulation, there is no requirement left for the chlorination and de-chlorination of feed water.

These chemical formulations are utilized in the RO systems of food processing, water treatment plants and breweries.

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