Peracetic Acid Based RO Disinfectant

Innova Corporate (India),are Peracetic Acid Based RO Disinfectant Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter from India, Delhi based. We have the finest quality of Peracetic Acid Based RO Disinfectant, with very competitive price. Our Peracetic Acid Based RO Disinfectant is prepared with very high quality raw materials with all quality standards of the Industry.

Our Peracetic Acid Based Ro Disinfectant is a highly effective oxidizing microbiocide for disinfection of RO/NF/UF membrane. It is safe for potable RO system. It has high efficacy rate for broad spectrum micro-organisms. Key Features & Benefits

  • Broad spectrum MicroBiocide
  • Biodegradable
  • Totally chlorine free
  • Safe for potable water RO system
  • Compatible with all parts & components of RO Membrane System


The Recommended Dosage Is As Follows:-
Shock Dose for Immediate Disinfection: 5-10% v/v conc. Continuous Dose for Round-the-clock disinfection: 2.5ppm on feed max. 

Membrane Cleaning: System should be sanitized first with INNOVARO with permeate water and then circulated with solution of Our Peracetic Acid Based RO Disinfectan, then flushed High pH membrane cleaner for 30 min and soaked for 1-2hrs. Flush the system with permeate water and return plant to normal service. 

 The dosage of cleaning solution depends upon the frequency of cleaning and degree of fouling.

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