Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant

We Innova Corporate (India), are manufacturer and supplier of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide, It is recommended for use on pre-cleaned surfaces such as equipments, pipelines, tanks, vats, filters, evaporators, pasteurizers and aseptic equipments in dairies, breweries, wineries, beverage and food processing / packaging plants and egg processing and packaging equipment surfaces. 

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant is a synergised blend of Hydrogen Peroxide IP Grade with Silver Nitrate IP grade alongwith various stabilizers, stabilized and manufactured with pH, pressure and temperature controlled process. Silver Hydroge Peroxide is used for multiple applications to disinfect air, water and surface. It is biodegradable disinfectant and finds its use comfort and flexibility to disinfect almost anything. The composition of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited is FDA approved and non-toxic for use in potable water disinfection, CIP disinfection of food and beverage equipments etc.
Key Features :

  • Cold Sterilant (Does not require heat for disinfection)
  • Effective over a large range of micro-organisms at very low concentration
  • Non-foaming and suitable for CIP disinfection, spraying, fogging and fumigation
  • Eco-friendly and Bio-Degradable
  • Non-tainting and non-staining product
  • Non-carcinogenic (unlike Formalin)
  • Does not emit harmful fumes (unlike chlorine, bromine, formalin and other aldehydes)
  • No rinse required
  • Silver ions give added benefit as bacteria-stat and non-mutagenic
  • Completely organic
  • Does not leave toxic residue
  • Does not leave back odor after fumigation
  • Destroys bio-film
  • Oligo-dynamic characteristic of Silver
  • Does not form any coating on the surface after fogging

Application and Dosage
Innova Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant is also used for bacterial eradication of process water, fruits and vegetables, water tank disinfection, poultry, pharma, dairy, duct disinfection, cooling tower, leginella treatment, air conditioning filters, pans etc. and almost every possible disinfection.

The dosage depends on applications, ranging from 0.002 \96 0.5% w/w, followed with proper rinsing with potable water. For specific dosage rate, please refer your CSL technical representative or method of use sheet. Proper human safety products such as Splash goggles, lab coat, vapor respirator, gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush it with fresh water and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected. Please refer MSDS for more details.

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