RO Antiscalant Balls

Innova Corporate (India),are RO Antiscalant Balls Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter from India, Delhi based. We have the finest quality of RO Antiscalant Balls, with very competitive price. Our RO Antiscalant Balls is prepared with very high quality raw materials with all quality standards of the Industry.
Antiscalant Balls are pretreatment products formulated to prevent, rather than remove, scaling and inorganic fouling. A preventative system maintenance program with the antiscalant balls reduces membrane cleaning requirements while enhancing your ro system performance.
Antiscalant Balls prevent scale and stops corrosion. It utilizes the phenomenon that minute concentrations of polyphosphates are sufficient to inhibit the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. Because of their phosphate and silicate content, Our antiscalant balls also inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface. A concentration of 2-3 ppm is sufficient to achieve both of these effects. 

Antiscalant Balls  will also slowly remove existing scale in old pipes if it consists of brown scale, i.e. Ironoxide. Hard scale, i.e. Calcium carbonate cannot so easily be removed by Our antiscalant balls. Here the advantage is again that Our antiscalant balls will prevent further scaling up. Experience shows that scale and corrosion is not only found in galvanized but also in copper pipes. Even in plastic pipes one can find scale and deposits. 

As a rule of thumb one can say that 1 mm scale on the heating coils of a boiler, increases the energy cost by 15%. Our antiscalant balls consists of 100% active substance. The use in tap water and other types of fresh water at the prescribed dosage is inoffensive. 


Purity 71.0% min
Water Insoluble 0.06 % max
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 8 ppm max
Arsenic (As) 3 ppm max
pH Value 3.5 – 4.0
Fluoride 35 ppm max
Iron Content 40 ppm max
Average Weight 10 +/- 0.5 gm / ball
Average Dissolution 0.03 – 0.05 g/ 24 hours

Antiscalant Balls protect membrane of domestic ro systems and ensures long life of membranes.

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